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Hello, my name is Andrea Riggs and I am the host of The Gypsy Fam Podcast. This podcast was created to tell the story of our family moving from Southern Utah to Puerto Rico. The Episodes in 2016 are focused on that cleansing and transition process (which we could all use more of). The 2017 Episodes are full of interviews with people who inspire me to live my greatest adventure and who I know will inspire you too! From depression and health challenges, to goal setting and funding your adventure, who you are matters. Your struggles, thought processes, talents and dreams all matter. My calling is to: 1-Inspiring and guide you to Live Your Greatest Adventure 2-Raising the meaning and conscious of our lives, which includes healing practices. 3-Healing in all ways. My back ground is the well-being of family economics and how that shapes our culture. Which lead me to nutrition, fitness and healing. I have been in the fitness industry and an instructor for about a decade. I was contracted with Zumba Fitness as a Choreography specialist and have held the following certifications: Certified Personal Trainer NASM Certified Fitness and nutrition specialist ACE and AFAA Group Fitness Certified. TRX. WINGS Energy Work Level 1 & 2. Baptiste Yoga Certified Instructor Presenter. Author. Coach. Motivational Movement Expert at conferences. My first Book Gypsy Living, how to unleash your gypsy spirit and live an extraordinary and adventurous life will be launching within the next few months! Join me on my book launch by subscribing to my website For more information on hiring me at your conference or as you coach see my website. Enjoy and please leave an honest review! #thankssomuch!
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Jan 30, 2017

Have you ever had a mid-life crisis and wondered where your life was going? Have you ever wished you had the guts to leave the world behind and cleanse your life? Leah did just this. Find out about her search to find deeper meaning in life. Join us as we travel through Africa and deep into the soul of this journey called life. 

Leah is a coach and helps those who want to live more wholistic. She is living her adventure in Montana. As she chips away at living a mainstream life and moves more towards a sustainable life she continues her journey through helping others heal through food and connection.

How are you resonating in the world? How are you being supported by life? Find out more about these topic in our lovely conversation. 

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Jan 27, 2017

If you lived through the 80's and 90's you know who Tamilee Webb is. Buns of Steel, Abs of Steel and her many videos won her a spot in the National Fitness Hall of Fame. This powerhouse (she is actually only 5 foot 3 inches like me!) flooded VHS machines and living rooms worldwide. I grew up with her and her crew and could recite the entire video by heart. You too? Ya, it was that good.

She absolutely is one of the women in my life who inspired me to go into fitness...even if it was only from my living room T.V. Tamilee had a message to share, and she shared it. As she did she paved the way for millions of us who would be drawn to this industry.

In this episode I am giddy and could have talked with her all day long! She is an open book and has so much love, knowledge and expertise to share. We talk about her story and where she came from. Her brothers and the death of her father at a young age. We dive into scrubbing toilets and her transition into fitness and how she was able to rub shoulders and even teach stars, like Christie Brinkley, years ago at The Golden Door. 

Tamilee is currently writing a book and continues to be involved in the fitness industry. Through mentoring (which she did for me), speaking, coaching, videos and aligning with others she continues to inspire, life, motivate and spread love.

What a gift she is.

I give you, the one and only, Tamilee.


Jan 25, 2017

Natalie and I align on many levels. We connected in Chicago at The Co-Creation of The Miracle Morning, Appreciative Inquiry Summit (a long name for a super fun event that I am a part of). We connected there and even more so in the UBER on the way to the airport. Food and nutrition have a way of connecting people...well that and we both came from dance backgrounds and fitness!

Journey with us through Natalie's dance background and see where that led her. The mystery of the dreams we choose to live out and the one's we say no to.

This is a wonderful episode for dancers and dreamers and healers! If you align with us rate this podcast! 

Much love-XO

Jan 23, 2017

Brianna Greenspan is a single young gal. She has brown hair, wear glasses and is quite short and small. Looks can be deceiving. While she may look harmless, she has more courage and will say anything to anyone without fear! I love this girl!

Brianna and I knew of each other for years. It wasn't until she saw we were into stuff like "permaculture" that she said, "I MUST get to know Andrea." And get to know me she did. We connected at a conference last fall and we have been friends ever since. #1. Brianna is a loyal friend. #2 She goes above and beyond for those friends. #3. She will not rest until she, you, or both of you together ensure the success you ( and she ) seek. 

Brianna has a connective tissue disorder since birth. This has been a big struggle which has caused her much pain. At one point the doctor gave her a RX and a wheelchair (no kidding). Join us as we AFFIRM our way into her coloring book and more! See why affirmations have played and continue to play an enormous roll in her life....even in Australia. 

Good Vibes, XO




Jan 20, 2017

Thespi Tranquila is a 27 year old beauty! She and I connected here in Puerto Rico at the Arepa (a delicious gluten-free) food truck last summer. We became Facebook friends and have reconnected since living here. She has lived in PR for 3 years and is planing for this to be her home base. She lived 4 years in Costa Rica and will be traveling to India and a few more Asian countries in just a few weeks. Find out why and how she got to be so adventurous!  

What does this 27 year old that we all need more of? That Gypsy Spirit Unleashed! 

I love this interview because many times gypsies like Thespi don't slow down enough to podcast. :)  Here you get a sneak peek into her beautiful mind.

All the best adventures my dear friend. 



Jan 18, 2017

Caution! We do dive into some sexy topics so be forewarned!

Rhonda and I recently met at the conference. We were quick friends. Little did I know that upon my return to Puerto Rico I would soon be podcasting with her. We knew we needed to talk and you get to see how this conversation plays out between myself, a Motivational Movement Expert and a Life Architect! 

Rock bottoms, addiction, the energy that is going on in todays world. This podcast is filled with energy, love, connection and is so introspective. 

What will we think up? Come play with us and see. It is so good! 

Enjoy, Rhonda Smith


Jan 16, 2017

Julie and I met at The Best Year Ever Conference in San Diego. As luck would have it she came in late and I was one of the first to greet her. Her big smile is hard to miss! I began seeing her pop up and we even had the chance to be in a small group together (with Jeff Hoffman I might add). 

Julie is a new author and experienced coach. Listen in as we talk about her book and some sensitive topics such our emotional eating issues and the outcome of being broken and worn down by life, and how to change it all around. Find out how she came to want to write a book and a little bit about how that voice in your head never really goes away, we simply learn to overcome it. 

Julie's new book launched 1-16-17 and a course in miraculous self discovery.

You are going to love this one! 

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Jan 13, 2017

If I had a Life Threatening (or any illness or disease for that matter) THIS WOMAN is the one person I trust with my life. Over any doctor or institute, I trust Jeanne with my life. She has worked on me personally, my husband, my children and many friends. I have first hand experience with this beautiful woman and I am so excited for you to hear her knowledge. 

Meet Jeanne Harold, Zoneology Expert. 

For 24 years Jeanne has been helping and serving others through this tool. It is he Cause and Cure. As she holds your foot she is able (by using her knuckle) to understand physically (and emotionally) what is going on inside your body, because the foot has your entire body's blueprint.

Listen to this podcast in it's entirety, it will blow you away. 

When it comes to healing, Jeanne and I all are 100% on the same page. Heal the gut, heal the emotions, heal our lives, and this is one of the most precious tools we have to do that. Connect with Jeanne and have her zone you or learn from her at her school at

Enjoy and please RATE THIS Podcast! XO!

Jan 12, 2017

2017 = Connectedness 

Hello New Year! We had an unexpected injury happen upon us this January. Hear all about my sprained ankle (maybe you can relate). If you have had this happen please say something about your recovery on my Facebook wall, I am so curious about how long it took others to "recover". 

In this episode we give a short intro to this year on a topic we can all focus on. Above and beyond the list of goal (which are great too) we talk about "breaking out" like The Truman Show. Are we afraid to break out?  Are we afraid to make decisions because of the (seemingly) judgement of others? How do we simulate information and how do we do this in our own lives?

What will you simulate this year? How can those simulations come from a place of abundance versus a place of lack.

Enjoy and Happy 2017! 

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