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Hello, my name is Andrea Riggs and I am the host of The Gypsy Fam Podcast. This podcast was created to tell the story of our family moving from Southern Utah to Puerto Rico. The Episodes in 2016 are focused on that cleansing and transition process (which we could all use more of). The 2017 Episodes are full of interviews with people who inspire me to live my greatest adventure and who I know will inspire you too! From depression and health challenges, to goal setting and funding your adventure, who you are matters. Your struggles, thought processes, talents and dreams all matter. My calling is to: 1-Inspiring and guide you to Live Your Greatest Adventure 2-Raising the meaning and conscious of our lives, which includes healing practices. 3-Healing in all ways. My back ground is the well-being of family economics and how that shapes our culture. Which lead me to nutrition, fitness and healing. I have been in the fitness industry and an instructor for about a decade. I was contracted with Zumba Fitness as a Choreography specialist and have held the following certifications: Certified Personal Trainer NASM Certified Fitness and nutrition specialist ACE and AFAA Group Fitness Certified. TRX. WINGS Energy Work Level 1 & 2. Baptiste Yoga Certified Instructor Presenter. Author. Coach. Motivational Movement Expert at conferences. My first Book Gypsy Living, how to unleash your gypsy spirit and live an extraordinary and adventurous life will be launching within the next few months! Join me on my book launch by subscribing to my website For more information on hiring me at your conference or as you coach see my website. Enjoy and please leave an honest review! #thankssomuch!
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Nov 30, 2016

What does rejuvenate mean to you? What does it mean for you? Are you taking the necessary time to build your body up? In this short podcast I break down healing of the body, mind and spirit and why that is so important in this 30 day challenge for you to understand.

If you walk away with nothing else from this podcast, I hope you remember fill your own cup first. Without filling it up, you won't have anything to give.

Love you all so much,


Nov 30, 2016

First let me apologize for my uploading of Part 2, 2x! It was not that I thought you needed a double whammy, simply an error on my part. Don't shoot the uploader!

Our journey continues on....and because you have been waiting....enjoy!



Nov 25, 2016

This is part 2 of the 4 part series of our Leaving Mormonism Journey.

I would remind those of you who are Mormons to skip ahead to our other podcasts and interviews as the content we speak about may not be something you want to hear. Our intent is not to lead others away, it is to share our journey and our truth and allow others the freedom to do the same and make their own choices.


This is a rabbit hole not all choose to go down. I believe many 



Nov 23, 2016

Do hormones matter? Yes they matter! See why and how your hormones may be affecting your health.

I LOVE This episode, you will too! Reach out and tell us what you think! Find us on facebook, Andrea B. Riggs GypsyFam

Nov 23, 2016

It is with awareness and understanding that I allow our story and feelings to be shared. If you are a Mormon I would suggest you skip this 4 part series as we dive into the nuts of bolts of our feelings around leaving the church. 

This 4 part series is neither right or wrong, it is simply our experience. 

This podcast is for those who are on a similar journey as Charles and I and are seeking understanding, knowledge and want to understand more about our experience. 

Our intent is to be open and honest with our journey and to create space for those of you listening to live with honesty and authenticity in your lives as well, in all ways, with all people.

If you have questions or comments please let us know, we are here for you and thank you for listening and being a part of our journey. 

Nov 22, 2016

They say attitude is everything, what do you think? How do we see our life, our health and the flat tires that happen in our life? What difference does attitude make in our lives?

Hey! I love you! Thanks for being a part of this challenge. MUAH!

Nov 21, 2016

In this podcast we dive into the concept of disease. All disease is Dis-Ease in the body. Find out more in this fun, empowering and introspective episode. 


p.s. We needed 5 hours for this one! So much to uncover and discuss here! If you feel that way too reach out and let us know.

Hey thx for listening, we so appreciate you.

Nov 21, 2016

Have you ever let a Doctor give you a diagnosis? Why are we waiting for the diagnosis? What can you do to be empowered and to take your own health into your own hands? 

I LOVE this podcast and we love you! Thanks for listening, we care about you.

Nov 21, 2016

Eaves drop on a private conversation between 2 humans (us) who are working through living life and re-establishing routine. This is the conversation that surrounds the conflict and clash of 2 worlds, adventure vs. routine...hum....don't worry we end with fun stories about my small bladder and a wonderful human who made an epic contraption in Rincon!

We survived our first week of school and the podcast launch! Charles and I talk through the recreation of our lives and the activities that we want to be a part of, it may or may not get a lil heated!

Does life ever look different than how you imagined it? Charles goes through some of those "images" that he believed we would have. We talk through extra curricular activities and some of the emotional aspects of this experience. 

When you imagine something in life does not always mean that is what it will look like. For Charles, he thought this 6 months would be different, maybe even one long vacation. 

We take a deep breath and talk about the cool new experiences we are having here in Puerto Rico. If you are curious about how we have transitioned to life here, this is a good one to listen to.

For more info head to and connect on FB Gypsy Fam 

Nov 19, 2016

In this fun and short episode hear why consistency is so important and why most of us fail and have issues with this concept. What can you do to be more consistent and how can you implement these strategies so that you come from an internal place of power vs what others are doing? 

Find out in this episode. Connect with us and let us know what you think and what questions you have! We love to hear from you.

Nov 18, 2016

C'mon you know you wanna, uh er well, eliminate better! Yes! Digestion is a natural part of life and is a foundational principal of health. We love to talk about these 3 tips that will help you eliminate better, watch out you may get some laughs outta this one. 

Hey! Thanks for listening, we love you and appreciate you helping us spread the word about our podcast! MUAH!


Nov 18, 2016

Parenting can be a doozy and filled with up's and down's. Join Lindsay and I as we shed light on parenting and education styles. How do we update our parenting styles to fit our lifestyles? Or do we instead allow parenting to place us in our current unwanted lifestyle? Find out what lifestyle Lindsay and her husband have chosen at this point in their lives and why.

Lindsay is a no-nonsense, down to earth mother who is creating her life and the life of her families to be exactly how she wants it to be, intentional. Are we living our lives as intentional as Lindsay? What can we learn from this beautiful human about taking a more down to earth approach to parenting, letting go of the fluff and getting to the heart of what is truly important, especially where and when it counts most.

How do we contribute to our best life? How do we create our best life? And how do we in turn bless others on our path as well?

Lindsay is passionate about learning, growing and giving back. Get some of the insider tips, tricks on parenting and get ready to connect with Lindsay because she is a woman who is worthy of your time and attention. She will bless your life through this entire hour. 


Nov 18, 2016

#17 how fun is this journey to health? Lets dive and answer the simple yet complex question, is food really making us sick? Find out in this episode! Connect with us at let us know what questions you have about Health.

Nov 16, 2016

Hear about some of the unthinkable and odd traditions of this amazing island and more specifically Isabela, where we live. We launch the podcast-yippy! Hear a bit about jiu-jitsu and Charles teaching experiences here and surf boards finally are purchased! Thank goodness! 

Our search for activities while living here, such as gymnastics, and our banter as Charles willingly volunteers my skills to the Puerto Rican gymnast dream team! 

In this podcast you will get a fun (or horrific I can't be sure) opportunity to listen to Charles divulge all the "things" and businesses I am a part of. Realism vs optimism, which are you? Hop of Facebook and tell us! We must know! Are you like Charles or like me? It is time to let the cards fall! 

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Nov 16, 2016


I could make these 30 days all about yoga, literally. In this short and sweet episode hear how my yoga journey began and how yours can too! Connection of the body, mind and spirit is key to living a healthy life. Learn why. If you are practicing yoga - great! Learn how to connect on deeper levels and with greater intent, we are all students after all practicing, practicing, practicing. 



Nov 15, 2016

Get your Zen on and learn how meditation can enhance your life experience. Allow yourself the space to own your journey in whatever way, shape and form feels best to you. There is not right way, only your way.


Nov 14, 2016

The first half-

I am dying! It is like I am back in the 80's and just like Janie on Girls Just Wanna Have Fun! My kids are dressed and ready to hit the Catholic School! How fun is this experience? Odd and new, somewhat strange, and totally exciting! 

Join Lucy Beth and hear what a 13 year old thinks about her first day at Catholic Private School in Puerto Rico. We as adults can sometimes think we understand how our children interpret these experiences, but do we really? I believe that this conversation allows Lucy to own her experience and since I want you to understand it from her perspective, her you go!

We give you the Puerto Rican Private School First Day (and Prep) Experience Extravaganza! 

The second half-

Charles joins me as we talk about how to make life real for kids, how we talk to our kids about the ocean, the dangers and what we want for our kids and this experience. 

Life is slow here....maybe there is something really amazing about this concept. What could you do to slow your life down for you and those you love? 

Nov 14, 2016

Arm your life with a body that you can be proud of! Run, jump and play with your kids and live the life you are meant to live. Learn how to stay active and do what you love with your body.

Nov 13, 2016

What is absorption and why is it so important? Our gut health is of great importance and digestion and absorption are key factors in our gut health journey. Learn more about how we can increase our ability to absorb in this episode.

Nov 13, 2016

Why do some people advocate supplements and powders? What is the difference between them all? Do they really work? What ingredients do you want to stay away from?

Nov 11, 2016

You are going to love this interview! It literally is magic in airwaves!

What does a NeuroScience expert, 2nd grade teacher, Dr. Seuss style Author, and nutrition expert all have in common? One amazing woman, Jenna Bayne! Jenna has been on a journey of love and understanding. In this podcast we take 70 minutes and find out Jenna's path for understanding and what has given her the ability to affect millions of lives. Find out what drover her to be an advocate for those with body image issues ( i.e. compulsive eating and other eating disorders aka as all of us!). 

Her favorite quote calls us to action, find out what it is.  

Jump into bed and get comfy with your little ones because this interview will change the way you think about bedtime, your body, and stories. Jenna is full of love and wonder and this radiates off the pages of her book as you verbalize beautiful affirmations to your little ones, and you will by also be healing your own issues. 

What is her goal? To change our mindset through her irresistible book series thereby becoming the best you possible! 

Share this with a friend because this podcast is worth millions of dollars in therapy, coaching and seeking out what really matters in life with our kids and with ourselves.

Watch out Dr Seuss!

Nov 11, 2016

In this podcast we wrap up gut health (for the time being anyway) and discuss how our body is like a house, how are we repairing our home and with what materials? There is always a depletion somewhere.

Find out some solutions that will help you repair your gut health today. I love this topic so much! I could talk about it for ever, for more information follow our podcast called The Cultured Collective for amazing info and visit

Nov 10, 2016

Gut Health Part 2. Part 2 of 3. 

Gut Health Continued. Find out more about our internal bacteria and what antibiotics really do to our internal gut flora and information that will help you realize that health is much more then simply getting to the gym and keeping track on MyFitnessPal.

In this podcast you will also find out why Andrea is so passionate about health and our bodies, here her Grandmothers story of passing away. 


Nov 9, 2016

Part 1 of 3 of The Gut and why it is the most important aspect of your health. Dive into our journey as fitness and nutrition experts and get a close look at the life revamp we went through to bring us to the realization that our gut quite simply, is everything.

Nov 9, 2016

Are we teaching our kids who they need to become? 

After one day of home school my eyes were opened and I realized that we need to immerse the kids in the culture and Spanish in order to work towards our goal of being fluent in Spanish. 

How are you teaching your children? What is important to you and your child's education? 

And then we turn down another road....

Creating logos for me and the real way in which we work through "working" together! Admittedly, I do not always have the details worked out, just the big idea! Charles showed me that many times what we have in our minds maybe isn't the greatest? So True! The logo in my head was horrible! Arg. Are there any couples out there that work like us? :)

Goonies is somehow brought up and this takes us on a walk down memory lane with some classic shows of the 80's! We take a turn into maturity and puberty somehow and the rest is bliss! 

And! We got the tires changed! YAHOO!

Hey, we really love you! Thank you for listening and being a part of our journey. If there is anything we can do for you, reach out, we care! 

Contact us through the contact page on

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