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Hello, my name is Andrea Riggs and I am the host of The Gypsy Fam Podcast. This podcast was created to tell the story of our family moving from Southern Utah to Puerto Rico. The Episodes in 2016 are focused on that cleansing and transition process (which we could all use more of). The 2017 Episodes are full of interviews with people who inspire me to live my greatest adventure and who I know will inspire you too! From depression and health challenges, to goal setting and funding your adventure, who you are matters. Your struggles, thought processes, talents and dreams all matter. My calling is to: 1-Inspiring and guide you to Live Your Greatest Adventure 2-Raising the meaning and conscious of our lives, which includes healing practices. 3-Healing in all ways. My back ground is the well-being of family economics and how that shapes our culture. Which lead me to nutrition, fitness and healing. I have been in the fitness industry and an instructor for about a decade. I was contracted with Zumba Fitness as a Choreography specialist and have held the following certifications: Certified Personal Trainer NASM Certified Fitness and nutrition specialist ACE and AFAA Group Fitness Certified. TRX. WINGS Energy Work Level 1 & 2. Baptiste Yoga Certified Instructor Presenter. Author. Coach. Motivational Movement Expert at conferences. My first Book Gypsy Living, how to unleash your gypsy spirit and live an extraordinary and adventurous life will be launching within the next few months! Join me on my book launch by subscribing to my website For more information on hiring me at your conference or as you coach see my website. Enjoy and please leave an honest review! #thankssomuch!
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Feb 17, 2017

Jon Vroman. Moment Maker! 

Can we just take a moment right this second to honor this man's journey, life and light that he shares with the world? #epichuman

Jon is a person who drops everything to focus on YOU. With his easy going attitude, amazing laugh, and ability to connect Jon is transforming lives and describes how The Front Row is more than a non-profit, it is a lifestyle. A way to live your life. A way to show up for others. A way to cultivate, connect and collaborate. That movement is described in his upcoming book, The Front Row Factor. You can find out more about it HERE.

Jon is an author, speaker, dad, husband and creator of the non-profit organization, The Front Row. What is TFR? A tribe of people committed to helping those individuals and families, with terminal illnesses, create magical moments by attending the concert or event of their choice and being ON THE FRONT ROW!

From successful stories where the patient has lived, to heart wrenching stories that the recipient passes from this life, this stuff is real. What do we all fear? What is the one thing that we must do? Die.

What does a man understand about life who has put so much of his time, effort and energy into making moments like this last? What can you take away from listening to him for 1 hour? What can you hear that may change your life forever? What are the struggles in his own life that you can learn from? 

I have learned from this man for the past 3 years. He is someone I look up to, adore and support 100%. You will too. Get to know him. To know him really is to love him. 

He and his beautiful wife and 2 boys reside in Austin Texas. 

The Front Row Factor, the book is ready to change your life.





Feb 16, 2017

Tuan is a fun HUG-A-LICIOUS Human! Wearing his "Let's Hug it Out T-Shirt" at The Best Year Ever Conference it was easy to spot him! Tuan has created and sold 4 online businesses directories. One of which was sold for A LOT of money and most of that Tuan donated. What fascinates me about Tuan is that his drive in business is NOT what you would typically expect, which is why he was able to "give it all away". Money is not the driving force for him, it about the start up, the drive, the creation that is FUN for him. 

Depression is something we all struggle with (some more than others) it is a normal emotion. Tuan and I talk about how depression has affected his life and how he overcome this challenge. I love authentic conversations like this! Let go of the armor and the big shinny object and see what your life can become. 

In these 39 minutes of bliss Tuan and I connect and he opens up about his life, his background, coming from the projects. He tells us about the not so fun outcomes of his life, as well as some of the most rewarding lessons of his life. For any of you energy are going to love where we end up going. 

Tuan Nguyen is the creator of Dude Buddha (a mastermind group for dad's) and is all about creation, energy and elevating what we want to create and staying true to who YOU are. Connect with him and if nothing else....GO give someone a hug!




p.s. Please rate this podcast. :)  


Feb 13, 2017

Tim is an inspirational human. Not only becuase he will come and dance with me anytime I pull him up in front of a conference crowd, also because he has accomplished what most only dream about. Tim was able to work hard, retire by 40 and spent 10 years living BIG, extreme skiing 


I love Tim's story of humble beginnings, earning money and still living (financially) small, creating a name for himself, retiring, going on a journey of self-discovery and now growing his non-profit organization

Join us for an hour of wonder and curiosity of what made this man who he is today? I believe so much can be learned from others who have "achieved" what we want. Not only financial freedom, but the freedom to live our greatest adventure AND more importantly giving back and helping others achieve what we have. Tim is doing just that in so many ways.

He is inspirational to me, and he will be for you as well. 

Connect and Enjoy TIM RHODE 

Feb 10, 2017

You may think I brought on Lance to boost my ego. Admittedly, I would gladly sit and listen to him describe the internal reaction to him seeing me "in action"! His description of me warms my soul and makes me smile. Lance and I met at The Best Year Ever Conference in December of 2016 and I met him when he came up to me and raved about me. 

Now I like complements, just as you do! From there Lance did a testimonial for me (ya you can hopefully see him on my DEMO video) and even took the mic and in front of 400 people told about his "a-ha" moment. Learn what that was for him.

Lance is an incredible human. Not only becuase he keeps himself IRONMAN ready but because of who he is and has become. As an author, coach, business owner and athlete Lance has faced many challenges. The challenge of depression is very real, especially those of us that dream big. Find out more about Lance and his journey to discovering who he really is, what he is training for next and why he has coached so many. 

To find out more about Lance find him on Facebook or check out his website!

ENJOY! If something you have heard has helped you go ahead and take the plunge and RATE this podcast! All we ask for are honest reviews. :) Much love.


Feb 8, 2017

Matt's story is real and raw. His parents divorced when he was very small. In his teen-age years his is step-mother was diagnosed with cancer and died a few days later. In Matt's journey of craving acceptance and connectivity he made a few friends that led him to some hard choices and faced with a potential 10 year prison sentence. 

How did this kid turn around? What was it that flipped like a switch and what's the story on this guy (still in his 20's) who went from making bad choices to a new worth of over a million? How do we live the lives we truly desire?

Learn the answers and much more in this incredible hour of bliss.

Matt now has online trainings on how to invest in real estate. His focus? How to increase your Income, Impact, and Influence.

Matt is a dear friend of mine. I honor and respect him. He is sweet and carries integrity and love wherever he goes. He is full of adventure and is a part of a Mastermind group called GO ABUNDANCE. 

You will love Matt!


Feb 6, 2017

Mike is such a cool guy. Really, the first time I met him I thought, "hummm, is he married? I have the perfect gal for him!" Well ladies, sadly (or happily) he is happily married and like me has twins! Sorry for the broken hearts in the world today, alas worry not! He can still bring MASSIVE meaning and igniting to your life.

Mike is the author of CLOSER THAN YOU THINK. Closer to what? Igniting your personal revolution. What does that mean? Are you fulfilled in your life? Is there something more out there for you? If you think there is...then guess what? There is! 

Mike and I both did mortgages. Both of us were "successful" and both of us were massively unfulfilled. Why? What is it about living and money and achieving it that leaves a big hole in our souls? Mike was SUPER successful and left it all. Find out why.

This is juicy stuff folks. All I can say is listen up! Stick with us! Read this book! And Rate this podcast because...there is lots more where that comes from! 



Feb 5, 2017

Brotha James is a musician. He loops. That means he is a one man band and his lyrics consist of positive affirmations. What does that mean? Listen and find out, this podcast is so much fun! 

Jeremy (Brotha James) asked me to do a testimonial, here it is. It helps you see why he has been such a blessing in our lives.

Grateful is a song I was introduced to at The Best Year Ever conference 2014 by a bearded man called Brotha James. I did not know him at the time. I had never heard about looping, so the idea intrigued me. As I watched this one man begin a beat, hit a button, start another beat, and another instrument, my mind was captivated. By the time the words came I was already in place of wonderment. 

I am naturally a grateful person. This is a concept that seems easy, but really many of us lack the simple, yet powerful, feeling of FEELING gratitude. As I heard the words and began to sing along it was hard to not smile. So I did. What can I say, it is a "sticky" song.
I went home 3 years ago and I tool this simple, yet powerful song home with me as well. For the past 3 years GRATEFUL has been a staple in our lives. As I play the song in my kitchen and car my children have come to know the powerful lyrics. What is more powerful is that now on our way to school, as we rush out the door, we may not have time to do our full affirmation or "gear them up for the day" in the way I want, however we DO always have time to sing, "What am I grateful for...its all about those little things." Those words along allow clarity and space to feel happy and positive. It is through repetition that we create new neuro pathways, which open us up to consistently staying in a positive "grateful" state. At times when we are not, this song is a key to getting INTO that state! If all we are is energy, then this song speaks to 
As a person who loves music and loves to dance along with Brotha James any chance I get, and as a mother of 3 small humans, I adore this song. It ceases to brighten our days and our nights. It continues to remind us that even if a kitkat is the only thing we can be grateful for that day, at least we are concentrating on the great! If I can inspire my kids on a daily basis to cultivate an attitude of gratitude, then my job is half way complete. As gratitude, to me, is one of the most precious gifts I can teach them. 
Lucy (13) I think it is good because most songs are just about pop these days....and boobs and butts. This is about gratitude, and really says something. 
Feb 1, 2017

Matthew Duncan and I have know each other for a few years. He seems a bit shy, has glasses and lovely curly locks. He has a sweet smile and is someone who I am SO excited to have on my podcast. Matt marks the FIRST MALE interview (of course except for my husband, Charles on the show). 

February is MAN MONTH! I kick off this month of L O V E with Matt because he and I are on the same page when it comes to kids and giving them "good" stuff to do. AND because he wanted to be on my podcast! Thanks for that Matt! Matt began a fun journey because of his background, love of children, education and because it is something he feels passionately about, find out about The Upcycled Toys Club and be inspired to get more boxes and allow your kids imaginations to run wild.

What resources do you have that you can do a bit better in not "wasting"? What can you and I do on a daily basis to inspire the next generation to care about our earth?

I love this episode, and you will too! Please rate our podcast and share the love.


Jan 30, 2017

Have you ever had a mid-life crisis and wondered where your life was going? Have you ever wished you had the guts to leave the world behind and cleanse your life? Leah did just this. Find out about her search to find deeper meaning in life. Join us as we travel through Africa and deep into the soul of this journey called life. 

Leah is a coach and helps those who want to live more wholistic. She is living her adventure in Montana. As she chips away at living a mainstream life and moves more towards a sustainable life she continues her journey through helping others heal through food and connection.

How are you resonating in the world? How are you being supported by life? Find out more about these topic in our lovely conversation. 

Please rate this podcast and tell us what you think. Much love!


Jan 27, 2017

If you lived through the 80's and 90's you know who Tamilee Webb is. Buns of Steel, Abs of Steel and her many videos won her a spot in the National Fitness Hall of Fame. This powerhouse (she is actually only 5 foot 3 inches like me!) flooded VHS machines and living rooms worldwide. I grew up with her and her crew and could recite the entire video by heart. You too? Ya, it was that good.

She absolutely is one of the women in my life who inspired me to go into fitness...even if it was only from my living room T.V. Tamilee had a message to share, and she shared it. As she did she paved the way for millions of us who would be drawn to this industry.

In this episode I am giddy and could have talked with her all day long! She is an open book and has so much love, knowledge and expertise to share. We talk about her story and where she came from. Her brothers and the death of her father at a young age. We dive into scrubbing toilets and her transition into fitness and how she was able to rub shoulders and even teach stars, like Christie Brinkley, years ago at The Golden Door. 

Tamilee is currently writing a book and continues to be involved in the fitness industry. Through mentoring (which she did for me), speaking, coaching, videos and aligning with others she continues to inspire, life, motivate and spread love.

What a gift she is.

I give you, the one and only, Tamilee.


Jan 25, 2017

Natalie and I align on many levels. We connected in Chicago at The Co-Creation of The Miracle Morning, Appreciative Inquiry Summit (a long name for a super fun event that I am a part of). We connected there and even more so in the UBER on the way to the airport. Food and nutrition have a way of connecting people...well that and we both came from dance backgrounds and fitness!

Journey with us through Natalie's dance background and see where that led her. The mystery of the dreams we choose to live out and the one's we say no to.

This is a wonderful episode for dancers and dreamers and healers! If you align with us rate this podcast! 

Much love-XO

Jan 23, 2017

Brianna Greenspan is a single young gal. She has brown hair, wear glasses and is quite short and small. Looks can be deceiving. While she may look harmless, she has more courage and will say anything to anyone without fear! I love this girl!

Brianna and I knew of each other for years. It wasn't until she saw we were into stuff like "permaculture" that she said, "I MUST get to know Andrea." And get to know me she did. We connected at a conference last fall and we have been friends ever since. #1. Brianna is a loyal friend. #2 She goes above and beyond for those friends. #3. She will not rest until she, you, or both of you together ensure the success you ( and she ) seek. 

Brianna has a connective tissue disorder since birth. This has been a big struggle which has caused her much pain. At one point the doctor gave her a RX and a wheelchair (no kidding). Join us as we AFFIRM our way into her coloring book and more! See why affirmations have played and continue to play an enormous roll in her life....even in Australia. 

Good Vibes, XO




Jan 20, 2017

Thespi Tranquila is a 27 year old beauty! She and I connected here in Puerto Rico at the Arepa (a delicious gluten-free) food truck last summer. We became Facebook friends and have reconnected since living here. She has lived in PR for 3 years and is planing for this to be her home base. She lived 4 years in Costa Rica and will be traveling to India and a few more Asian countries in just a few weeks. Find out why and how she got to be so adventurous!  

What does this 27 year old that we all need more of? That Gypsy Spirit Unleashed! 

I love this interview because many times gypsies like Thespi don't slow down enough to podcast. :)  Here you get a sneak peek into her beautiful mind.

All the best adventures my dear friend. 



Jan 18, 2017

Caution! We do dive into some sexy topics so be forewarned!

Rhonda and I recently met at the conference. We were quick friends. Little did I know that upon my return to Puerto Rico I would soon be podcasting with her. We knew we needed to talk and you get to see how this conversation plays out between myself, a Motivational Movement Expert and a Life Architect! 

Rock bottoms, addiction, the energy that is going on in todays world. This podcast is filled with energy, love, connection and is so introspective. 

What will we think up? Come play with us and see. It is so good! 

Enjoy, Rhonda Smith


Jan 16, 2017

Julie and I met at The Best Year Ever Conference in San Diego. As luck would have it she came in late and I was one of the first to greet her. Her big smile is hard to miss! I began seeing her pop up and we even had the chance to be in a small group together (with Jeff Hoffman I might add). 

Julie is a new author and experienced coach. Listen in as we talk about her book and some sensitive topics such our emotional eating issues and the outcome of being broken and worn down by life, and how to change it all around. Find out how she came to want to write a book and a little bit about how that voice in your head never really goes away, we simply learn to overcome it. 

Julie's new book launched 1-16-17 and a course in miraculous self discovery.

You are going to love this one! 

Be sure to rate this podcast AND her book! 


Jan 13, 2017

If I had a Life Threatening (or any illness or disease for that matter) THIS WOMAN is the one person I trust with my life. Over any doctor or institute, I trust Jeanne with my life. She has worked on me personally, my husband, my children and many friends. I have first hand experience with this beautiful woman and I am so excited for you to hear her knowledge. 

Meet Jeanne Harold, Zoneology Expert. 

For 24 years Jeanne has been helping and serving others through this tool. It is he Cause and Cure. As she holds your foot she is able (by using her knuckle) to understand physically (and emotionally) what is going on inside your body, because the foot has your entire body's blueprint.

Listen to this podcast in it's entirety, it will blow you away. 

When it comes to healing, Jeanne and I all are 100% on the same page. Heal the gut, heal the emotions, heal our lives, and this is one of the most precious tools we have to do that. Connect with Jeanne and have her zone you or learn from her at her school at

Enjoy and please RATE THIS Podcast! XO!

Jan 12, 2017

2017 = Connectedness 

Hello New Year! We had an unexpected injury happen upon us this January. Hear all about my sprained ankle (maybe you can relate). If you have had this happen please say something about your recovery on my Facebook wall, I am so curious about how long it took others to "recover". 

In this episode we give a short intro to this year on a topic we can all focus on. Above and beyond the list of goal (which are great too) we talk about "breaking out" like The Truman Show. Are we afraid to break out?  Are we afraid to make decisions because of the (seemingly) judgement of others? How do we simulate information and how do we do this in our own lives?

What will you simulate this year? How can those simulations come from a place of abundance versus a place of lack.

Enjoy and Happy 2017! 

RATE US and tell us what you think! Thank you! XOXO

Dec 23, 2016

Charles and I want to know, are you living your life in delusion and what is the biggest delusion that most of us are struggling with? Find out at the end! You won't want to miss this episode, it is like a gem that may seem funny at first, or not that big of a deal...I assure you this podcast is worth each an every minute. 

Caution, minor ranting in the beginning....



Love you guys! Thanks for listening! Want a topic? Message me on FB Andrea B. Riggs or contact me on 

Dec 21, 2016

I am a contributor to The Best Year Ever Blueprint, a conference that brings people together to bring out their BEST year ever! I love being a part of this space, I love the people I meet and dance with, I love being able to serve in a way that is fulfilling to me. In this episode I talk about how I got started in this roll, my journey over the past 3 years and my top 10 take-a-ways from this years conference. 


Please rate my podcast! xo! 

Dec 19, 2016

Well this one backfired! Charles gets ahold of the mic and turns the tables for a reflective podcast on our life, specifically me and the way I live. If you are curious about the inner workings of "Andrea" then you will love this one! 

Transitions, change and living life being a "yes".

Dec 16, 2016

Charles and I dive into Greatness and this water hole is deep! If you are ready to uncover your life and some of the negativity that surrounds your gypsy spirit, then you will love this podcast! It is the best podcast you will ever hear on Greatness.


Dec 14, 2016

In this podcast Charles and I update you on our kids, living situation, church, food, fitness, routines and work. We are here for the win and have so many experiences going on that it is difficult to describe each and everyone! We will bring you up to date on what is going on at this 3 month mark as we continue on this wonderful journey of self-discovery, consciousness and adventure. 

Much love!


Dec 7, 2016

Author. Speaker. Coach. Mother. Wife. Kick Ass Woman.

Let me be perfectly honest, I did this interview becuase I want this woman for my coach! She has massive VALUE about writing a book and keeping people on track to accomplishing their goals. She takes NO B.S. and has an amazing ability to write, produce and give her essence into the world. She freakin rocks!

Why do you get $2k for free in this podcast? Becuase she charges over that for an hour long coaching call and you are getting it for free! LUCKY YOU! Go You! 

If you have ANY interest in writing a book, listen. If you have ANY limiting beliefs about what you are capable of, listen. If you are are lost in life, listen. If you have questions about anything to do with a book, listen. If you are a human, listen.

I love this podcast. As I was cleaning it up and getting it ready to launch I got lost in listening to her and I chat...that's when you know your soul and inner gypsy fire is being stoked! #amazingwordsofwisdom

We all need mentors, coaches and people who support our awesome-ness and help us get over our own bull-shit, together we do this for you today! 

Enjoy! #youmustwriteabook

Dec 7, 2016

Ready-Set-GO! It is time to take action. What has prevented us in the past from getting to where we want and what will change all of that? Action. Join Charles and I for our last...OH WAIT! Almost last episode, we have a BONUS for you! 

Join us for the BONUS section to hear an amazing offer you won't want to miss out on.

Thanks for joining us!

Here is to your health and mine!


Dec 6, 2016

What legacy are you leaving? What are you teaching your children and those you influence? We have a responsibility to those we are teaching to give them good, trustworthy information that is filled with truth. 

We are here to guide you each step of the way, should you need us.


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